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PR: Building the digital impact

For those who work in PR (Public Relations) and have been dedicated to his research and analysis, we argue that at present in communication that has changed are the tools. The principles are maintained and, in some cases, are adapted to the joints. As long as the organizations they wish. Knowing how to select the tool is now the challenge. This shift to digital has led to several companies, a headache, especially in Latino contexts, where the technological environment and the audiences are completely different.

The need is now that companies should no longer generate the attention of their audiences to “themselves or their web sites”, but try to build “Community” using, of course, “Social Media “. These tools, today, become essential in order to establish a proper “interaction” between the brand / company and its various “stakeholders”. The business must be where people are and we all know very well that now Facebook, Google + Twitter, YouTube and other networks are those that keep “jealously” all that data which, to the PR-we should be of interest to generate better ways to create “synergy” between the company and its publics.

But creating “community” is something simple? Probably think so. But it is not as easy as you think. The difference between building community and give +1, “like” and follow is quite broad. Using the word “community” involves many factors that only add, like or follow. The concept is: “A group or association of persons or entities with interest, property or common goals.” If we use morphologically on this premise, we should ask, what is the common goal between my business and my stakeholders? This is probably a difficult question to answer for some multinational companies and SMEs, however, if organizations aim to become sustainable over time, then they should keep in mind that audiences have changed, audiences are no longer the same as before. Thus, how to communicate with them is becoming more dissimilar and sometimes complex. Achieve an appropriate relationship and establish communication becomes more intense challenge, especially with the new digital tools. Here is the challenge for the Digital PR, achieving convergence, where a multi-channel strategy to achieve to get into the mind and heart of each of the stakeholders who owns the business.

While this sounds rather ambitious, it is entirely possible, but of course, requires a decision by the business to start losing some spaces once dominated. It is a matter of tradition rooted in the ideology of many CEOs and executives of commercial areas, where they still think that the profitability today is more important than the “social return”. Building trust, respect and loyalty of the public is extremely necessary in an environment where we are all connected. Now we have to accommodate the demands of the environments where we are going to develop is a fundamental part of the communications strategy and branding. For Dawn Clark, in charge of overall design of Starbucks stores, for example, it is important to know the culture of the country to design a store. So where are companies that want to ignore the importance of public opinion? It is a question that each of you can answer.

So where do we go in this digital environment. In the PRSA Digital Impact Conference (New York, April 2012) identifies five factors that, from my perspective, aimed at creating a more social business.

Increasing digital footprint

As mentioned above paragraphs, being where the stakeholder is, it is a necessity. This implies that the company leaves a digital trail “positive”. Access to information is now becoming easier; therefore, we propose a multichannel strategy, especially in the digital realm. Do not leave gaps in the cloud is imperative if you want to stay in the ideology of your public. People are increasingly looking online and if the business does not bother to create content and promote content to leave a positive mark-to-digital level, your chances of growing up in this ecosystem are scarce. The ads, SEO, SEM, a good digital pattern, selecting appropriate digital channels are involved in the concept of “footprint”.

Share content

Over 2 years ago when I started this blog was my main course. Is associated the former intrinsically. But we must clarify that “sharing content” means that this is high quality, relevant to the target and, above all, that adds to the assessment of the organization. When I refer to valuation, I do not mean one I like, or a +1 or a RT, I go beyond that. Create content addressed, strategic and compelling is what should be created to facilitate their dissemination. How this is achieved, recognizing the “insights” that left all fans and followers on their pages. Take the trouble to analyze many of the users of our networks is vital to get that “content” we share and achieve the desired recognition.

Lose control

Perhaps the most difficult to understand and execute. A major factor when carrying out the process left to others to talk about the business lies essentially transparent to transmit information, to be consistent with what we hang on any item and channel carrying the name of the brand / company. The content should be testable, truthful. Let your stakeholders are those who express themselves freely and manage the contents of your brand / business confidence will grow between them and the fear of deception, is lost. It says it better than another for you. Let the public give the buzz (noise) means “repeat” honesty and transparency.

Creating community

This is the result of the proceedings in the above, once the business achieves a trace, content sharing and letting others be the ones to promote the diffusion of the brand / company or product / service, is already one step create “community.” At the time that has been demonstrated by the emails you really are interested in what they think and feel its stakeholders, will have gained access to their space. Where they can allow the business to enter know much more about each of the fans or followers, the interaction here is vital. Once you enter their world, there must be synergy and constant contact. This is where you should implement strategies that promote and co crowdsource creation. And of course the feedback reward, not gifts, necessarily, but media recognition in the space of the brand / company.

Lead the conversation

Finally, to say that we lead the conversation, I mean that as any communication strategy is a goal behind. On what should be quite clear from the beginning. Those who are professionals, they know perfectly well that enter the mind of the consumer implies respect for ethics, therefore, I shall not demarcate it is a correct or incorrect use when creating a public relations strategy. Then, once the stakeholders are committed interaction, disseminate and co believes, the business may exercise one way into the conversations that are generated in relation to the brand / company. The application of psychology to crumble when what people talk about the organization is imperative to stream to analyze each sentence and the context in which the states will become the best way to lead public opinion in a positive, which, as reflected in the sequence always requires a deep transparency contents issuing organization.

It should be borne in mind that the social is changing faster and faster and this requires a research and analysis finds no market, but the way in which stakeholders interact and communicate, considering that the segments become smaller and more personalized.

This post was originally written in Spanish on April 20 of this.

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