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The eCustomer’s reapplication: Communicate


If we stop a moment and think how the world changed in the last 60´s, we really be surprised more than we think. In the 50’s, and because the post-war, companies could position themselves in the customer’s mind easily. There was less competition, fewer tools for communicating, everything was simple. With a little ingenuity and a medium budget lograbas achieve your financial goals faster.People you thought you wanted and, especially, I remember. Thus Kolynos brands like Frigidaire (frigider), Ace and others, came to permeate the minds of consumers, who for decades have not forgotten those names. Who of you are not a family member has passed, dad, grandparents or uncles have asked, buy Kolynos, instead of asking for toothpaste, or keep things in the Frigider, instead of saying the refrigerator. 60 years later, the world has changed and the company no longer has the same power over the client, not only television, radio and posters, there are now more channels where communication. More competition, more specification of products and services, but there is also, more customers.
The areas of communication have expanded they have grown and we have to keep in mind that each is directly related to the other. If you get a good image and reputation online and offline must work strategically. Thanks to the technologies of information and communication technologies (ICTs) the company may have a very important access to customer data, which until a few years ago, was simply part of a statistic. Today, that customer becomes visible and shows its power and influence to their peers, build relationships with more and more people around the world (Social Media), is more informed (WEB), has everything you want in the palm of your hand (Smartphone). Via network connectivity, social media and mobile smart to Latin America is growing. But the company really takes into account these fundamental aspects to provide better user profiles, create custom products and services. In LATAM, not yet, in the northern hemisphere “Crowdsoucirng”, Co Creation, and Innovation, based on the information generated by the customer, yes.
Many businesses, especially in Latam leave out communication to achieve their goals as a company.  There is no general principle of communication that spans the entire organization, harmful mistake. Know where you want to go, what you are, what exist are basic principles that must meet each of the members of the company. Build identity, help grow the organization to meet its business goals.But how we achieve that, communicating, persuading our partner to achieve this goal. Once passed these principles at all, within the business, it will be reflected in the shares of the company in order to build a strong culture, values and principles that should not be ignored by the environment surrounding the company. Busy is a word that every company, small, medium and large should be aware, from the inside out and vice versa. Today there are countless communication tools (no information) so that all stakeholders are aware of what you want the business to where it goes. Gone was the client / consumer ignorant, unaware and uninterested in the company who would buy. A global example occurred last year was the case Nestlé and palm oil for the manufacture of any of their products. Here in Peru, Ripley is a precedent case of miscommunication in every sense of the Retail.You can no longer continue to ignore stakeholders and especially the customer / consumer. Every word, every message you post in your social windows, must be approved in the offline world. Creating Value, Reputation, Social Performance and so achieve the desired ROI is achieved only with a team from all areas of the company, which is a living organism composed of human beings, they feel, think and now also can express themselves freely, as well as other stakeholders. This means that the business must be more alert than ever. Monitor the various channels of communication and respond quickly is imperative in a eSociety. Gone was the company’s distant, quiet, hidden behind a large building. Today this huge building has become a huge window where nothing can be hidden, as before. For  intelligence business, intelligent communication is needed to have a favorable e-commerce, you need to access the network and if you want to be in it, you must submit to the demands of social customer or eCliente.

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