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Action & reaction, after the Social Business must act with emotion and feelings

Sinergy in Social Business

After a dismal #BlueMonday, and some situations observed in Twitter I can reaffirm that if there is a percentage of emotion or feelings in the publications that are made in social media, your tool will not be within the true social ecosystem, nor will be a real social business. Maybe my statement is somewhat exaggerated, however, the law of reciprocity attributed me back several centuries, of course, according to Newton.

This is not something new, but is not identified by the managers of social media and less by the managers of the business, or perhaps the other way around. In every human interaction will always be a reaction to the stimulus. That is quite obvious, however, how to channel such a positive feedback to generate a business-friendly sound. Here the emotional ingredients are essential for optimum results and impact, which both supply and demand for that. A simple example that happened to me recently. My friend does not like cats, but I do. Yesterday an abandoned kitten approached me and began to caress contoured him affection. My girlfriend moved to one side, and realizing the rejection feline what he did was do the same with her eye, the animal acts instinctively assumed. My girlfriend, seeing that acted docile attitude, could not be cruel to the sweetness of the little cat. Emotion, the animal unleashed its sensitivity to be heeded, and he succeeded. She accepted it. Why a company can not generate the same feeling with the client /consumer. Here are some ideas how.

1. Recognize, correctly, in our followers/fans emotions and feelings we are ensuring greater assertiveness in generating social content for our channels, whether photos, video and text. Achieving the desired engagement is not easy, is not published for publishing requires a psychological analysis of our audiences.

2. The human being is a bundle of emotions and feelings that fluctuate in the social media vortex, between social business and business real. Simply pull both and bring them to an area where we can co manage them that both the business, such as stakeholder benefit. Many campaigns have achieved success within their guidelines when there has been an Insight to reflect an emotion or feeling in the audience.

3. The content often works more playful (gamification) in various socio-cultural segments. People live a frenzy that sometimes work in stress becomes, then, they seek refuge in places that get them out of pressure of work. And where do they fall? In Social Media channels. Here the time factor, ie, the moments are important to publish. Define schedules, is part of the exercise to be developed by the administrator of the community.

4. Within this vast “quantity” of followers you have on your Social Media, you must identify those emotions and feelings that are transmitted in the walls or tweets. That’s where the problem is generated from the Big Data, the larger your critical mass is more complex becomes the task of deciphering or recognize hidden Insights from photos, music and more that can publish your customers/consumers in their social networks. Social CRM tool is needed to make work less cumbersome when identifying publications with interest criteria for your business.

5. Arouses curiosity, recreates a feeling that identifies your business. This evanescent concept must prevail within your content on your social media channels. Appeal to psychological relativity to get what it takes refuge in the sentiment that must be synchronized with the needs of the client/consumer, generate greater engagement between both parties.

We are people behind this harshness, indifference or seriousness hides an ocean of emotions and feelings, which, without realizing it, businesses are still unable to manage to build a closer relationship between the brand/company and the customer/consumer. Being a social business involves listening, understanding stakeholders. Achieving the desired engagement means being a sustainable business that not only see their benefit, but also help in developing this social ecosystem that consists of humans, happy moments, but also sad. Applying the analysis and psychology in the treatment of content implies a high sense of ethics. Without it, these recommendations could be administered in a manner that does not generate a bidirectional crowdsource.

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