Social Business, the future is built by sharing

Since a few months ago, the phrase “Social Business” goes in with force in the context of modern business management. Yes, perhaps many Latino business owners or Peruvian, still reluctant to believe it, however, is an open secret that he who does not follow this direction will probably lose a lot of space in your market.

Today, the battle between who no longer has a better product / service, or who has the best advertising for broadcast. Today the “war” being waged in the consumer field, and no longer on the market. Thus, companies that understand this premise are directing their budgets, their attention in the field of Social Media (SM) or social windows and also in the field of Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM). Heavy artillery is now directed to fill content (messages, videos, games, advertising, etc) the walls of our fans and supporters. Working on this means being where they are, feel, what they live, hear what they think and want. Companies are no longer created themselves, now co-create with the help of their audiences. But why believe this. Last year I wrote a series of articles mentioning the reasons why it was imperative to enter into this power and learn to listen and understand our audiences through social window. Today, one year later, the publications in places like Forbes, Mashable and the Harvard Business Review confirm this trend “Global” business.

The main thing to take to social change is to transmit this idea within the business culture that becomes part of their identity. Understand that not just use technology as another means to increase profits, but to think that through this bridge we can make our business is strong, durable and sustainable over time. Yes, it may sound trite rhetoric and up, however, is a reality. So understand that some companies would seek to understand this change to their audiences, not only to consumers / customers, to their workers and suppliers. Also, the other interest groups with whom we interact. Listen and understand that our potential employee is the horn of our culture, our identity as a business, is important. Hold a proper relationship and communication with him will become a “powerful ally” in the growth of our company. Give the option to work in the best way to reach our consumers / customers, should be a priority. The company’s executive staff should encourage today, meetings with your colleagues and hear that we have to say about our company and how they might make it grow and become more profitable. Co create, together with our employees and give them special recognition for that, will be best for the society shows that our interest is not only profit, but to be sustainable over time. Consider, for example, to conduct a competition in our business for the holiday season this year. Of course, the question is, but perhaps my employees know about Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. Most likely, no. However, we may be wrong. They have many insights that as managers, may not know about our company, product or service. Often those agencies charged with the task of developing a campaign strategy and also ignore these data. Who better than who is at home to tell you what it takes to improve it. Perhaps some of you will say I am against the agencies. And the answer is again NO! I had the opportunity to work for some time on them and I know that often lack information on the famous “Brief” they receive for the development of strategies for a campaign. Therefore, incompatibilities often arise which requires the client and which ultimately provides the agency. Resulting in a poor campaign in the consumer group / client. Here, the basis of this proposal lies in learning to listen to our “partner” as an initial basis to start a company to become truly social. To complete the example, the best campaign proposal will be evaluated and improved by the agency and there will be a better understanding of what we really want to say out, starting from the inside. The contributor (s) will be our first piece of many that we will see that we really listen and understand, really, who provide most of his life to make the business grow. Move from offline to online, requires not only technology, but the collaboration of each of our stakeholders.

This is the first part of a sequence of 3 post seeking to pave the way for change in the way of seeing the business management from a social and communications.

Acerca de gpach10

Comunicador Social por la Universidad de San Martín de Porres, de Perú, cuento con una Maestría en Relaciones Públicas, en la misma casa de estudios. He sido Directivo del Colegio Profesional de Relacionistas Públicos del Perú, Región Lima. En la actualidad soy docente universitario, consultor y asesor en comunicación digital, PR y prensa para empresas privadas y del sector público en Perú.

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