Building a social business

Long ago, I discussed the need for the company to have as a fundamental pillar for development and growth of the use of communication. Experience tells us Latam outside to run a 360 effective communication strategy through the windows (Social Media) allow us to convert our business in a social enterprise, profitable and projection.
Here in Peru, and perhaps in several countries in the region (LATAM), aim all their artillery to get a numerical impact on their social screens, supported by diligent budgets focused on creating contests or sweepstakes, neglecting important aspects such as analysis of the groups living in their community and try to empathize even more with these potential influencers in ways that promote, beyond the product or service, loyalty to the brand / company. However, we can not be stingy with that intent. However, the reality and the trend requires us to “go beyond the obvious.”Based on this premise is to look forward to the efforts of companies out of Latam to create a lasting relationship and commitment with its various stakeholders, is necessary. We do not talk only of consumer / client, is now going beyond this target.Many employers look askance even this model, however the “Social Enterprise” is a concept that involves only an interest group of the company, going beyond that target, being a social enterprise of integrating as many potential audiences and engage with business development, in a subtle, but sincere. Yes, we include and to accommodate audiences such as employees and suppliers, who can build the desired value and economic and social returns.
It is clear however that we are facing a sea of ​​consumers equipped agnostic technology are difficult enough to evangelize. The concept that can reverse this growing indifference loyalty can be reversed by creating culture, yes, as you read.Here the psychological aspect greatly influences the creation of interest in something or someone, as the common denominator of society is associated with knowledge. To create value, then it means building a corporate culture associated with communication and customer relations through social windows who will provide all the information and will also provide an opportunity to be heard, to improve the product / service you are buying or would like acquire, for example. Likewise, this should be replicated with partners and suppliers. The need for the company in Latam is to create synergy between the public interest, so that its convergence allows a brand to build not only social, but a social enterprise.
The opportunity to turn the business into a social entity, is strategically manage the content that is transmitted through social window, which must be flexible to change and modification by the people who interact in them. Rescuing the talent that occurs within the channels of communication promotes the value and close relationship with the public. The transparency of information, therefore, should be an important aspect when creating content to allow feedback. It is important to note, the insights, which are observed in participants in the community, employees and suppliers, each of them brings an unlimited amount of ideas that will allow the business to grow and be maintained over time. If we go back in time, human beings evolved from a nomadic entity to become a social being, which allowed him to evolve, learning from others and using that knowledge to strengthen that culture over time, so began the great cultures, kingdoms and empires. The secret is definitely evident, the problem is how to know how to manage a cost effective manner that benefits all society, business and of course the environment.
This proposal will not be consolidated if the head of the business does not believe this. Thus the wall to jump higher, perhaps in Latam companies will infuse this concept into the corporate culture of the business. Without this basis there will be no true social business.


Acerca de gpach10

Comunicador Social por la Universidad de San Martín de Porres, de Perú, cuento con una Maestría en Relaciones Públicas, en la misma casa de estudios. He sido Directivo del Colegio Profesional de Relacionistas Públicos del Perú, Región Lima. En la actualidad soy docente universitario, consultor y asesor en comunicación digital, PR y prensa para empresas privadas y del sector público en Perú.

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