PR:360° view of the business to build loyalty and trust

Definitely the environment and relational communication is advancing at a dizzying and if our business does not pick up on that train, unfortunately will be out of the new business ecosystem, where brands interact on a level with its various stakeholders. Gone was the idea of ​​company, distant, very old with communication and relationships at unidirectional.

Increasingly, we see on the network a series of articles and information about how to make a “engage” between the client / consumer and the brand / company, however, and despite all that information that surrounds us, often plans and strategies put forward are in limbo, or just do not get to close the virtuous circle to get the benefits or gains proposals. Let’s face as business managers, we want to generate income, dividends to the organization. Although, marketing or marketing-allowing us to take research-based to cover the needs of people today that role is becoming more complex. Thanks to developments in the communication channel is forced to “lower the level” and establish a more direct, clear and simple customer / consumer. We no longer offer just about what he needs, but let him know everything that is behind the creation of that good or service and how this can benefit over time without compromising the misuse of the social ecosystem and environmental. But this does not stop there necessarily must be added to this email-a-way interaction, giving you, the more value to our brand / company. This is the challenge of “Innovation” that lies in the areas of PR, Public Relations and Marketing-Business. This communication and relationship is stable more quickly thanks to social media, social media or social networks. However, do other traditional channels remain behind in the competition to come more directly to the customer? Of course not! The strategy should be linked to various traditional and non-traditional channels, but of course, explain that this depends on the latitude. It is not the same as a North American market, Europe and Asia, a Latino market, and being much more selective, you can not compare the handling media between the same countries that comprise Latin America. For the development of alternative media is not similar in the various South American markets. These preferences are not only determined by patterns of consumption, but, demographics and sociographic very specific in each country and each region in turn.

Currently generating positive experiences to the customer is one of the best ways to achieve image, reputation and confidence in our public. Years ago, customers saw it as a benchmark of trust, a company’s financial strength. However, today, this cost may be altered. In some markets, the need to establish direct relationships of trust through offline and online actions are more important to customers / consumers. Build trust through direct messages and reliable, it is an easy way to achieve fairness in the new client / consumer. Other companies opt for the “crowdsourcing” as a way to increase value chain of economic growth with very good results. A derivative of this could also be the Co Creation, or looking for co-creation of one or another way to bring more business to society. The word collaboration is immersed in the above, demonstrates several examples online that works. The issue is finding a way to make this “match” is accepted, understood and disseminated by the customer / consumer. From my point of view and based on the above, what to look for the area of ​​Marketing and PR is that the very people outside the company are its ambassadors of products / services offered. A test of these is the option yesterday launched Facebook, the usefulness of being able to label a page in the photo business a user searches for “indirectly generate increased brand exposure in other areas, allowing thus strengthening the concept of “brand ambassador” in the various fans or followers of a brand / company, thus generating new forms of work for administrators of the page.

Note also that, although the majority of fans or fans of a brand / company makes Facebook and Twitter to receive something in return, either a discount, any gift or benefit, this can be relative. Here comes the creative part of the management of the social window of the business that depends on an administrator or commonly called the Social Media  Manager or Community Manager . These people are responsible to perform a filtering function of all those who come to the page, a true work of ant. To determine various characteristics of the most enthusiastic supporters, it is essential to close the circle of diffusion and probable purchase of the product / service. Yes, yes, the online buzz increasingly becomes stronger, which is why Facebook has increasingly refined ways of measuring their share and I like to give the contents of a page. Another interesting analysis I draw from my experience in managing social networks is that it is women who are more interested in information on the brand / company. Another important factor that could be taken into account is that men, especially socioeconomic levels A and B or high level-to make it more universal- financial gain to be fans of a page. While other segments seeking to express and this is seen by others. In summary, many variables that must be analyzed when generating two-way interaction with the various stakeholders of a company’s brand is based on the insights of these, in other words have a deep understanding of our clients and also potential will allow us to create better communication and relationship. The innovative use of the various platforms that gives you the programming is also vital, playful, innovative are important in generating a rapport with stakeholders, of course, without neglecting the message, truthfulness, being consistent with what is said, not only in the online sphere, but also in the offline.

Acerca de gpach10

Comunicador Social por la Universidad de San Martín de Porres, de Perú, cuento con una Maestría en Relaciones Públicas, en la misma casa de estudios. He sido Directivo del Colegio Profesional de Relacionistas Públicos del Perú, Región Lima. En la actualidad soy docente universitario, consultor y asesor en comunicación digital, PR y prensa para empresas privadas y del sector público en Perú.

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